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Paulina Gonzalez-Munoz

M: 702-337-9476

I'm not just a real estate agent, I'm also your friend!

Born in California but raised in Las Vegas, Paulina considers herself a Vegas gal. Her family is everything - free time and weekends consist of cookouts and BBQ's with her husband's extensive family. She's happily married to her high school sweetheart and together they have 2 beautiful children and many pets including snakes as she has always been an animal lover.

Paulina brings ten plus years experience in the service industry and is passionate about helping others. She finds great gratification when she's able to help make things easier for others. With her personal experience in buying, selling and investing in real estate, her mission is to help achieve the same for her clients.

-Paulina's Interests-

Family is a big one for her anything that has to do with being together as a family whether its her husband and children or extensive family coming together she is all about it. Cooking and eating together as a family is a cultural thing for hispanics and whether its parties, or get togethers this is what she enjoys most.


Paulina played the Viola in middle school, even thought she did not continue with it she enjoyed the time she spent playing. Music and dancing is a big part of her culture and since she was young she enjoyed being the life of the party and being the first one out on the dance floor. She is very open to all types of music and enjoys listening to music while doing tasks to help her focus.


Paulina is open to trying new things. She is compulsive when it comes to hobbies. If there is anything that catches her eye and she wants to try out. She will go all out and begin filling herself with knowledge on the certain subject. Whether it's home improvements or getting new pets. She is a huge DIYer and loves to find new ways of doing things on a budget.


Paulina would love to travel and visit as many places as possible. She hasn't wandered very far from home yet but plans to do so once her children are a little older. Eventually she plans to retire in Texas where she can have a home with many acres to be able to care for animals and a garden.

Paulina Gonzalez-Munoz
REALTOR® 0191283
Mobile: 702-337-9476
Jack Greenberg Group
9525 W Russell Rd #C120
Las Vegas NV 89148

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