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Downtown Las Vegas Real Estate

Historical Downtown Las Vegas is a thriving community which continues to be one of the most eclectic cities in the Valley. With its proximity to the Las Vegas Strip and major freeways, Downtown is universally accessible for commuters. Residents also appreciate the unique lifestyle the community offers, as homes have a very distinctive charm in comparison to neighboring cities. It is not uncommon inhabit Tiny Homes, Condos constructed from shipping containers, and luxury high rises to name a few. 

Sense of Community: 

There is no shortage of Community Events and social gatherings in Downtown Las Vegas. Every First Friday of the month, the community joins together for an art festival with live entertainment, live entertainment, good eats and much more. On the weekends, and you can also enjoy a Market in the Alley at Ferguson’s Downtown, where you get the opportunity to meet small local business owners, artisans, musicians, poets and more. Container Park, an open-air shopping center, has also become a community favorite for locals and visitors of every age. The park cannot be missed as guests are greeted with a 55-foot high, fire breathing, music playing, metal praying mantis sculpture upon entry. Once inside, you will be surrounded with restaurants, retail, bars, live entertainment and a giant tree house with a 33-foot slide. Keep your eyes peeled as there is always something happening on this side of town.

Outdoor Fun:

There is plenty to do for outdoor lovers in Downtown. Grab a cup of coffee at PublicUs, Mothership Coffee, or Makers and Finders (to name a few) and take in the views, explore vintage stores, galleries, art murals and so much more via Bike Rental, by foot or whatever your preferred means of transportation might be. In the warmer seasons, locals keep cool by enjoying the outdoors… at night. In the colder seasons, expect to bundle up and enjoy people watching from your favorite café, local restaurant or Writer’s Block – we promise, you will not be disappointed.

The Downtown Project helped kickstart the revitalization of this historical city in 2012 and has since been brought back to life by community leaders, business owners and local residents. This has resulted to the expansion and development over the past decade. For those with young children, you can enjoy easy access to schools located in the heart of the district and enroll in community events designated for our future leaders, creators and entrepreneurs.